Archive | December 25, 2019

23 Days Before Christmas

Happy holidays to all of my lovely readers!


It was cold. This time of year, Autumn would normally be heading South or heading home.

But when her flight had been delayed and then cancelled, when all rental cars were out and the train had a mysterious breakdown, Autumn took the hint the universe was dropping in her lap and took the convoluted bus route with all the overnight-or-longer layovers.

She had been a little concerned about the first town on her list, since a quick internet search had told her it had a population of just over a thousand, and shrinking. 

While she loved small towns more than most things in the world, in the last couple years, Autumn had been having a little more trouble finding, as it were, room at the Inn.

Airbnb turned out to be her friend, and although three of the five places available in or near North Van Der Zee were booked, and the fourth one look a little too questionable even for Autumn, the fifth one was open and even affordable, all things considered.  Continue reading

Blog? Post… amusing bit of a dream

Best part of a rather weird and long dream:

I was in a slow elevator and someone grabbed my ass. I turned around and shouted at this old white man not to do that.

He said, “do you know who I am?”

I looked at him and realized, and said “Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Sir.” (there was a respectful pause to his office) “Don’t grab my fucking ass.”

He did not, for the entirety of the rest of the dream. Continue reading