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Purchase Negotiation 25 – Clothing

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Sorry about this one too.  Wow, it’s been weeks! 



Leander didn’t know the woman in front of him, but she clearly already didn’t like him. Her lips were pursed, her brow was furrowed, and she was thrusting a very tall stack of cloth at him.

He took it, noting that the woman was also attractive, older than Sylviane but younger than Mr. MacDiarmad (at least in general appearance), un-collared (unsurprising) and strawberry blonde. Also, she was as tall as he was.

“Thank you?” he tried. In theory, the breakfast table should just be a couple feet away. But there was an angry woman and a pile of cloth — no, a pile of cloth and now she was handing him two bags too — between him and food.

“I am Mr. MacDiarmad’s personal assistant. I am not personal shopper to his staff. Certainly not to Miss MacDiarmad’s staff. If you have any confusion on the matter—” Continue reading

Scheduling Amusement

So I have scheduled the last posts of Hidden Mall and Bear Empire and much to my amusement, the last Hidden Mall will be 12/23 and the last Bear Empire will be 12/27  (this makes me want to write an epilogue-epilogue for Hidden Mall to post on 12/30 to completely end the year with ending these two stories).

I have a miniseries planned to fill Bear Empire’s slot for January and maybe February and I’m working on something that should fill the Hidden Mall slot but we’ll see how the responses are, but this is a good time to got through and find something you want to mark as “more please.”

Or, of course, to donate.  Lyns like commissions.

Cheers and happy holidays!