Work From Home Blog: Day 16


 If you know me in person – which few people reading this do – you know that I rarely wear make-up.  In the last decade, I think I’ve had my makeup done for two weddings and once done something for a LARP.

It’s not that I don’t like the idea of it, it’s that I learned only basic makeup back in the late 80s, early 90s and back then, having ‘cheap skin’ as I do (sensitive skin) everything itched and a bunch of it made me break out.  Not a good look, especially not in your early teens. 

Top that with the fact that I tend to shower, get dressed, leave for work. (Shower, get dressed, log in), and there’s not a lot of makeup going on. 

But I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we all look sort of weird on camera. 

Mr. Thorn has been suggesting that I try lipstick for a while, because it’s an “easy” (easy for him to say; I NEVER got the hang of lipstick) way to look more professional.  And I’ve been going, “yeah, yeah, sure, some time.”

This time, well.  I really need to get some back lighting for the camera.  I may need to get less Oli-butt on my camera too. But I’d love to look less flat-faced and washed out and, short of losing 80 pounds (working on it) and getting a tan (ha. ha, ha ha.  Ha.), I’m going to need some tricks. 

So I guess I’m going to be learning how to put on lipstick.  At least I have lots and lots and lots of time with nobody but Mr. T, who’s already seen me at best and worst, to see me.   

Anyone have any favorite video tutorials on this? Or tips?

I’m also considering how to hide the consistent, I mean like part of my face consistent, bags under my eyes.  And wishing I’d gotten my eyebrows waxed and a haircut before this whole thing started, instead of putting it off because I didn’t really feel like leaving the house, but at least with that, we’re all in about the same boat. 

(I think I have a box of hair dye somewhere…)

What’re your pet peeves about being on camera?

Is anyone still reading these? Am I talking to myself? I mean, this started as a “live journal” back in the dark ages when livejournal was still invite-only and ad-free, so I suppose that’s not a bad idea, since I’m writing them in part to keep me sane. 😀

Anyone know what makeup looks best on camera?

Or how to deal with looking quite as pallid as I actually am?

3 thoughts on “Work From Home Blog: Day 16

  1. RE the bags under your eyes, back when I did my “wear makeup for 1-2 months to see if I like it” experiment, I got a concealer specially made for that. It had an applicator like lipgloss, but was, well, concealer. I’d put it below my eyes, blend the edges, and then “seal” it with powder.
    Manhattan Wake Up Concealer, I think.

    My office only does audio meetings, sometimes with screensharing, thank goodness.

  2. Am still reading.
    I’ve got a pile of theoretical knowledge, but not much physical, personal experience.
    In regards to lipstick in particular, I recall someone saying that the shape of the stick is so you can use the sharp edge to outline your lips. And demonstrating how to get rid of excess colour by mouthing a tissue – this being useful because otherwise it gets on your teeth.
    I haven’t used lipstick myself though. Hope you find a good video tutorial.

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