Work From Home Blog: Day 17


It’s time to address the cubic elephant in the room:


I have been playing a lot of Minecraft. 

The rail line I’m building on our shared server is pretty amazing; the giant room I’m carving out at the bottom of my mine is, um, well, giant, and sometimes I just take a day and build a rail station. 

It’s pretty cool. 

The struggle is keeping it at reasonable levels, and I’m not entirely sure I succeed all the time, but I have check lists of things I want to get done every day – x number of work tasks, x number of things for my web pages, for the house – and as long as I keep those in check, I’m not all that worried. 

One of the things is all those meetings. 

When I’m in a meeting that I need to be at but that’s about it, there’s a lot of sitting-there time and minecraft is a good way to help me focus the rest of my mind on what’s being said. 

Doing actual work means I’m distracted, doing writing is nearly impossible. 

When IRL in meetings, I did drawing.  Maps.

At home, it’s minecraft.

It has a sort of positive/negative effect in that it feels productive. So I feel like I’m getting something done, which is a great feeling, and sometimes with this treading-water feeling work is giving me, is a great thing.  

On the other hand, if I feel like I’m getting something done on the computer when the dishes still need to be done…

(The dishes are done.  The floor has been vacuumed.  Today’s task is cleaning the area around the fridge and the entry way to the house and then cleaning it some more.  And then a little more)

We get a new fridge tomorrow!!!

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