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Advance Notice: Prompt Call Coming Tomorrow

Starting Tomorrow around 5 pm. Eastern Time and lasting through noon Thursday, I am going to be hosting a Prompt Call!

The point of this Giraffe-Like Call is not so much money as feedback and eyes on the page.  That is:

* the more comments things get, the more I’ll write on them.

* the more new people leave prompts/leave comments, the more I’ll write!

I’m going to be heavily practicing the art of the cliffhanger over the next few days, so if you can think of anyone who might want to check out my fiction and leave a prompt / leave a comment, send ’em my way!

Everything will be posted on and/or (anything on Patreon will be open for all to read!)

The theme for this prompt call is Gone Fishin’ / Fish Story. Get your fishy prompts ready!

Note: You CAN, as is the habit of a couple of my readers ;-), leave me prompts such as “Rin and Girey go fishing.” (Not that one, I wrote that already) ( ) or “some more on Fish Story” –

(that’s here – – or there’s this one – )

– and I’ll do my best on those, but I’m going to request that you also leave me at least one prompt that doesn’t require research 😉  Wednesday I’m aiming for a wordcount record and those are harder to get while falling into reading-all-my-old-fic holes 😀 😀

The Bellamy, Chapter 18


In another world, Veronika might have been a little surprised that she was having tea with a gorgeous woman with horns curling out of her skull.  In this life, and especially today, she was rather impatiently waiting for said woman to answer her. 

 Why was she doing this?  What was this test all about?

Was it really trying to kill her?

“The answer is at least three fold: If you cannot handle small things, like, say, the skeleton room, you cannot work here, because those things are an everyday fact of life in this place.  If you cannot, if not get along with, at least manage to not get in a screaming fight with, most of the members of the staff already here, then you cannot work here, because we all have to work together.  If you cannot accept that this place has supernatural elements, well, then you just do not belong here, and we would likely have given you a strong recommendation to a more mundane location.  And.”  She was clearly stalling.  This time the little sandwich she picked up was a clearly-chewy one and she took her time with it.  Continue reading