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The Great August Rebloggening Challenge: Week 2 Check In

Home Site housekeeping Challenge

The Home Site Housekeeping Challenge has been going for two weeks now (And a bit, oops)

How’s your home site going?  Anything new and shiny?

Did you reach your goal this week? Did you change your goal this week?

Did you learn anything about your site?

Did you do the daily challenge?

What are your goals for next week?


A daily challenge for Monday: Find something either on your front page or your menu that you haven’t touched in a long time.

Does it still need to be there?  If not, delete it.

Does it need to be updated instead? Weekly challenge then!  Take a week and clean it up!


My turn for a check-in:

I got at least three things posted to the blog and the same to Patreon.  I got one session posted of Thimbleful, one month of Patreon Xposts, an addition to my Landing Page Landing Page, and worked on my Current Projects page, courtesy Kelkyag 😉

I also did the daily challenge I put up last week – I checked up my contact me page (It’s still up to date) and my Serial Fiction page (which needed some work)


Goal – 11

Done – 12

missed: nada! OTOH, this was closer to the bare minimum.

How’d you do?

Also: You can join in at any time!  Any number of “Things” per week is a good goal!