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Fishing Day

Fishing Day

New prompter!  Also, this story involves murder. (Attn new Prompter: you can either ask for a continuation of this story or give me another prompt, as you wish)


“Shit.”  She was trying to get calm, get mellow, to enjoy the sun on the lake and the breeze in her hair.  Her mind kept coming back to the body in the swamp, just a couple hundred feet away.

She hadn’t meant to kill the man.  Well, man-thing.  She hadn’t meant to be killing anything today, it was a fishing day. 

Fishing days were sacred.  She got up before dawn, headed out to the lake, and stayed until past dusk. 

If she happened to catch something? Bonus.  Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 43: Small Steps Forward

First: Purchased: Negotiation


Leander was smiling, even though he wasn’t totally sure this wasn’t going to blow up in his face.  Things did, even when everything was planned out with the best intentions.  And he was – if not certain, that was too much to ask, he was pretty damn sure Sylviane had the best intentions. 

“I think,” he murmured, leaning over so he could let his breath brush across her ear and lowering his voice even more, “that”… if you want a real statistical sample, well, you ought to get more than one baseline measurement, yeah?”

She chuckled at him.  “Oh, absolutely.  But let’s start with one? Since we can’t do them simultaneously – unless you have some unforeseen ability to Work with time that would be amazing, but really, really out there-“ Continue reading

The Great August Rebloggening Challenge: Week 1 Check In

home site housekeeping

The Home Site Housekeeping Challenge has been going for a week!

How’s your home site going?

Did you reach your goal this week?

Did you learn anything about your site?

What are your goals for next week?


I have a daily challenge for us for the weekend! This one comes courtesy of Kunama, thank you!

(I am open to all sorts of options for challenges)

Add (or delete or move) something relevant to your “where to find my works” or “contact” page


My turn for a check-in:

Well, because of the Fishing Call, I posted 13 things on my blog (I ran out of room in my little sticker page!), so I blew through my 11-things goal and my 3-LTA-posts goal!

I got 4 posts on Patreon (one over that goal) annnnd… that’s almost it.

I did ONE session (two posts) of scheduling on ThimblefulThursday. (this entails: picking an idiom for the next letter of the alphabet, making sure I haven’t already done that one, making a little canva graphic, and then making the post).

Iron Curtain - write 500 words

oh oh!  I also changed my comments nesting to the max WordPress allows and I changed the user avatars to Letter-in-a-circle so they are a little bit distinctive. I disabled Gravatar, so let me know if that bothers you. I also made some avatars if I come up with a way to have WordPress randomly assign icons per post.

And I added another task to my list: a page of Summaries of My Works (i.e., that list of tell me what to write now)



Goal – 11

Done – 21

missed: Patreon xposts, Landing Page, Long Form Works page, Posting a weekly or Daily challenge.

How’d you do?

Also: You can join in at any time!  Any number of “Things” per week is a good goal!