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From yesterday through mid day Thursday, August 6th, I have a Prompt Call running here – anyone can prompt and please do!

This story is set in the same world & city as Saving the Cult (If Not the World). It’s even talking about the same power plant as in Saving the Cult.


It was clean energy. They had been sold the device – the plant-  on that line, and they, in turn, sold that line to the people for all it was worth.

It wasn’t a lie, even if it was a line. It was cleaner energy – cleaner than coal, for sure, with no chance of a radioactive meltdown, per se, and there was no despoiling a river with a dam, flooding of the people upstream, or the whole mess of the digs for geothermal.

Cleaner? Yes.  Absolutely.  They could have sold that line and never had a single qualm about it (If they were the sort of people who had qualms, of course. They weren’t., or this would be a much shorter story.

But it had its own problems – not on the line of a meltdown, of course, but it did have its own waste line, something that went through every filter their definitely-in-over-their-heads science team could come up with before it went into the river, and the river was still – still, despite all of their work – well, it was a little weird.

Austin went fishing down by the river, once a week, maybe twice on a bad week.  At first, it was meant to be a relaxation, a way of resting after work at the plant, work trying to figure out what they were doing, had gotten just too exasperating.

Austin was a scientist.  What they were doing in the plant… They could use science around it, like in the filters, like in the ways they improved the electric transmission, like in the way they found new ways to get more and more power from the same devices.  But science seemed to fall into a deep messy hole when it came to the plant, the power generation, itself.

There were more and more fishing days as the plant started to increase or decrease output with no changes in mechanisms.  And then when Austin actually started catching fish

Then fishing was an every-evening activity, but it was no longer so relaxing.  There was the whole question of what was nibbling on the bait, after all.

Fish with legs.  That one was interesting but not horrible.  Mutations happened, after all.

Fish that had never before been seen outside of tropical waters – or tropical aquariums.

Fish whose scales glowed in the dark.  Fish whose meat looked to all instrumentation almost exactly like beef, or like lamb.

(Austin didn’t dare taste those.  Once the weirdness started, Austin didn’t taste any of them.)

Fish with three eyes that could’ve been straight out of 1990’s cartoon.

But the thing was, the fish were healthy.   Every one of them, every weird thing.

Austin started working on some new filters for the river anyway.


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Seek And…?

Seek And...

From yesterday through mid day Thursday, August 6th, I have a Prompt Call running here – anyone can prompt and please do!

Back in 2011, I wrote this part of a story I called Blizzarded. (Despite saying “continuation,” for some reason every time I wrote more on that story, I reposted the whole thing and added the new bit at the end…)

This is fishing for answers in that world.   Short version:


Sandy got lost in a blizzard. Now there is a gnome talking to her and the train requires technology instead of tickets.



“If you have no tech-a-nie,” the gnome began – or, at least, it was a thing and it had suggested it was a gnome and it was talking to Sandy, it had a tiny red hat and it was definitely, while more or less humanoid, short enough without the hat that it came to about mid-calf on Sandy. “-Then seeking you must go. And if you can na’ seeking, then Sla Bless You.”

Sandy stared at the thing, then looked at the train, then stared back at the thing. Gnome. She ought to call it by its proper name, she thought. It was probably rude to go around thinking of talking beings a things. Continue reading

Fresh Fish

From yesterday through mid day Thursday, August 6th, I have a Prompt Call running here – anyone can prompt and please do!

This comes afterR is for Rituals and Linguistic Tricks and Finish It: Scheffenon, but the information you need to read the below story is:

Scheffenon is a city on the North See, in the norther-western part of a sprawling Empire.  Eliška is an Informer, an Imperial position which is part anthropologist, part internal spy, part propaganda artist for the Empire. 

And there is something creepy about the sea in Scheffenon. 


“Fresh fish!  Freshest fish, pulled from the ponds and rivers to the East!  Fresh fish!” Continue reading

Day Of Writing Commences! Dun-dun-DUNNNN

Hello everyone!

My Day of Writing commences (after walking the dogs, showering, being woken up too early because my folks’ dogs are on my folks’ schedule, which does NOT involve staying up past midnight, oops…).

My Prompt Call is open here – – and I’m hoping for many more prompts!

Written yesterday:

Unplumbed Depths – Fishing in Minecraft can get you some strange results.  This fictional view of the fishing strips out a lot of the blockier elements but does leave a fishing pole with, perhaps, a little too much Luck enchanted into it.

…A Break…? – Jess works security at The Facility, a place where science which nobody calls mad (in the hearing of the scientists) is perpetrated.  It’s a really good job.  But sometimes, your friend up in the top end of things asks for a favor…


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