Autumntime Prompt Call: Squish, Squash, Pumpkins & Gourds

Over a field of gourds and squash - Squish, Squash, Gourds & Pumpkins

The theme for this prompt call is: Squash & Gourds!

The idea: you prompt, as many prompts as you want, as long as they are related to the theme (puns not only okay but intentionally allowed for)

I write at least one story or vignette or beginning of a story to at least one of your prompts. (Or try to, see my prompting policy if you have questions)

(optional step: you say “Lynnnnnn! Cliffffhanggger!  What happens next?”)

Ideal step: you comment on the fictions I have written, possibly also boosting the signal on social media.

I continue until morale improves, or until my writing vacation is over, or until I lose power and am reduced to writing on my phone.

Everyone is welcome to prompt, and prompting is free!

If you are a new reader/prompter, please let me know, and please let me know also from whence you came. 

Prompt on!


One note: Prompts of a sort I like are somewhere in the middle: not a complete scenario and not just one-three words.  “Ice Fishing”: a bit too broad.  “Three people go ice fishing on a day the ice is about to thaw.  One of them falls through because of the actions of the other two.  What happens next?” is a little too specific. 


See here – – to see how to get more words. 

12 thoughts on “Autumntime Prompt Call: Squish, Squash, Pumpkins & Gourds

  1. Ok, in the theme of “three people do a thing” from your example, Summer and her boyfriend and girlfriend go to a pumpkin patch.

  2. – Any of the named fruit are rumoured to turn into vampires when left out in the field for too long.

    – Witch flying around in a giant hollowed out pumpkin

  3. Aunt family: making halloween treats

    Pumpkin pancake breakfast date (or just breakfast, or brunch…). (Beryl & Jake? Aud & Sage? Jin & Bianna? The whole DND family for brunch? Robbie & Eva, after Robbie’s moved to the guest house and a short-term semblance of normal is settling in? Beryl and … the distant cousin with stepmother issues that Radar’s supporting (aigh I can’t find that story) and some other selection of helpful and/or in-need-of-talking-to relatives? Katydid & Whitney & company?)

    “Volunteer” squash in the fairy town park.

    Cara and Alex check up on the zucchini project.

    Arisse and Chress visit the one of the castle gardens (& adjacent kitchen). (… probably totally fails to fit anywhere in your outline. Maybe some other time.)

    The stories about excess zucchini being left in strangers’ cars & anywhere else it can be foisted on someone? Someone(s) attempt this on Autumn’s van.

    Autumn is asked to draw a jack-o-lantern for a tattoo design.

    “And what am I supposed to do with this …” “Hubbard squash.”

  4. What happens when the ‘we are snowed in and THAT’S A THESAURUS’ escalates into…COMPETITIVE BAKED SEED EATING? Or some other squashery. They could even play…squash. To keep warm. And beat each other up.

    • Because all of the Enl players would be mad and then nobody could figure out whether it was spring/summer or winter. And triangles everywhere. ALL THE TRIANGLES.

  5. Musical instruments made of dried gourds. (Possibly including one using the strands from spaghetti squash as strings?) One prizewinning pumpkin used as a drum.

    A pumpkin out on the town.

    Pattypan squash used as wheels. Or as a flying saucer.

    Using your gourd to make a tasty squash (in the British sense of a drink).

    Giant gourd house! Or boat.

  6. An individual is going to cook a pumpkin, in preparing the pumpkin they accidentally release a spirit that was trapped inside it from captivity.

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