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So What IS Livewriting Day?

Since I’m getting all excited about my upcoming Live-Writing Day, I wrote up a What Is LiveWriting Day!

Live-Writing Day 2020

So what IS Live-Writing Day?

Well, it’s funny you should ask…

Inspired by – who wrote several novels in live-writing events – and by Ysabet Wordsmith’s Fishbowl (which also inspired my Giraffe Calls…), livewriting is writing directly in front of your audience, where they can see (and comment on, and put input in on) your every word as written.

Here’s one more link which shows live-writing with an even more intense focus on the audience.

As for me? I open up a document and take your prompts! In previous years, I’ve done it as a series of short stories, working on longer projects when the prompts run dry, aiming for 10,000 words or more during a 14-hour day (with breaks)

This year, I’m going to do it all (or at least mostly all) on one self-indulgent story, outlined beforehand to a certain degree but with reader participation throughout.