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ONE MORE Live-Writing Poll

And the Link

Basically: After Sunday’s Live-Writing Day, I still have a large chunk of this novella to write!

I’d like to do a series of shorter streams – 1 or two hours – over January (And possibly the end of December) to get it finished up.

Tell me when would be best for you to show up, please!

LIveWriting Day 2020 – a Summary

Live-Writing Day 2020

LiveWriting Day 2020 is in the bag!  And like everything in 2020, it was a little trickier than expected, with some unanticipated glitches, and some slog points.

But like every LiveWriting Day I’ve done, it was also a lot of fun, a success, and a very good (if long) day.

I also did this on Twitch for the first time, which means I have some numbers I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Path to Affiliate

Requirements Met

Reach 50 Followers  – 9

Stream for 8 Hours – 12.3 (this includes a couple test streams before)

Stream on 7 Different Days (well, 4 earlier test streams) 5

Average of 3 Viewers – 3.5

The average viewers throughout the day floated around 3.8.  I have four different streams yesterday because I turned it off for naps and, once, lost power for five minutes.

Of the four streams, I have the largest unique viewers at 9 and 7 for the others, so the safe assumption is I had a total of 9 viewers!  Thank you, all nine of you!

I know at least two people were in the Drive document and not in the Twitch stream – and thank you to the two of you, too! Continue reading

Kissed the Boys and Made Them Cry….

We weren’t ready.

We’d been training for weeks – months – learning our companions, learning to use the reliquaries we carried with us, learning to use or own strengths and weaknesses.  We’d nearly fallen to a much less important enemy more than once.

We were in no way ready when the Devil walked into our training session.

He laughed at us, though it sounded friendly.  I could see both of his faces – the handsome dark-haired man with the charming smile, and the huge red-skinned demon with the horns so big they defied belief. I could hear both of his voices, the friendly businessman banter and the smoky growl. Continue reading