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Purchase Negotiation 50: Evil Stepmonster?

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“A very attack dog,” Sylviane commented, as her hands brushed over Leander’s horns. She was exploring his Change more kindly, more gently than he could ever remember anyone doing before. But.

He chuckled, shifted a bit. He liked the way she touched him. Something about the way she said attack… “Your dog,” he clarified. “Your hound.”

“Mmm. My Leander,” she murmured softly. She wrapped her arms around him, pressed a kiss to his forehead, kissed the edge of one of his ears. “Thank you.”

“Thank… why?” He blinked at her in bafflement.

“Because I can see why – I can see why you might not want to show me this. So thank you. I know you didn’t have to.”

She closed her eyes. Leander wanted to make a comment about how, if she wanted to see him, she should look, but he stayed quiet.

When she opened her eyes, it was as if she had opened his eyes, too. Continue reading