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Live-Writing Day – Last Call on Polls 2, 3 & 4 and a Question

Live-Writing Day, December 27, 2020 8-10

Hello all!

It’s the last call on polls 2, 3, & 4 so that I can finish up something of an outline tomorrow.

Link to Poll Four

Link to Poll Three

Link to Poll Two (Genres)

LiveWriting Day Page

And!  What ELSE should I put in a poll for tomorrow (Saturday), something that could be determined before the writing begins?


The Bellamy, Chapter 27


“This part of the Library is open to the general public without an appointment, and, as such, it’s almost entirely benign,” Amanana explained, as they moved through an area full of shelves and books that looked almost like a normal, albeit rich, library; the shelves were cherry, the signs on the ends of each aisle brass, the floor marble mosaic. “Of course, the parts that aren’t benign can be very sneaky – we once had a patron end up possessed by a spirit that had been loitering in the modern fiction section for weeks just looking for the right sort of person. So you do still have to be a bit on your guard, sad to say.”

“I do believe that’s the story of every part of this place, isn’t it?” Veronika tried to sound chipper and not a little tired. Continue reading