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Beauty-Beast 45: Unknown Knowns

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We have a couple chapters of Beauty-Beast thanks to Anke’s commission!  Welcome back to Ctirad and Timaios et al!


Ctirad was struggling to stay awake. 

Although Timaios had said that’s what we’re here about, it had been almost forty minutes, and they – mostly Sara and Timaios, with Signy putting in on occasion and, more rarely, Ctirad having something he felt was useful to say or, slightly more commonly, Timaios asking him a question – still hadn’t gotten to doing something about Ermenrich.

He was daydreaming while they talked about mergers and acquisitions, contemplating what he would do if he had Ermenrich under his collar. He had gotten as far as ordering the asshole to never speak again when Timaios brushed his hand over his hair, bringing his attention back to the conversation. 

“I’m sorry.”  Ctirad looked up at his Owner.  “What was that?” Continue reading