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Going to School

I am taking Calculus I this semester!

This is because Calc II is the pre-req for Multi-variate Calc which is the pre-req for Probability Models and Inference, which I wanted to take this semester but I’m going to take in… what, two years?

I mean, I took AP Calc in high school. I did well, too! I really liked it. I can still remember liking it. I also remember sitting next to my best friend Crystal, then. I mean, any class and every class is made better with a friend there, and Crystal was amazing.

(I miss her. I really do. I lost touch with her sometime in college and I haven’t been able to find her.)

I don’t have Crystal. Right now, I’m taking the class online, the same way I’m working, so I have – well, me.

This is a little weird. Nobody here to keep me honest, yaknow? Or.. something like that.

So here I am, taking a class I’m starting 2 weeks late, trying to catch up, to remember everything – or anything – from college – and not having anyone around me to be the sort of extra input I’m used to in a class.

But it’s calc.

So that’s kind of exciting, actually.

There’s two – three. Three things I really like about taking an online class.

One, I don’t have to either drive to campus or walk across campus (the Stats class I took last spring was in the same building and I STILL got lost once).

Two, all the lectures are recorded, so a) I can go listen to the ones I missed, and b) if I have a problem following something I can listen to it again later.

And three, the teacher is doing all his notes in OneNote, so the same thing – I can go through them, check my notes against his, and write down anything I missed.


This is Amazing.

I think it actually balances out the whole “I like having people next to me when I take a class” thing.

There’s also the discussion class (“lab”), this is something that stats had too and nothing I took in my first round of college did – a TA guides a session on topics covered in classes.

That’s much smaller and with breakout groups, so that’s close.

Now, I need… I need the notebooks I ordered online for this class because I’m running out of blank pages in the back of the last bullet journal.

Then I can try copying my notes and see if it works better this time than it did in Stats.

So has anyone else taken classes as a adult? I mean, assuming we weren’t adults when we were “college-age”, which let me tell you, I thought I was and now that I look at these kids…

How has it worked out for you?

4 thoughts on “Blog Post: Calc I

  1. I was still pretty young when I went to grad school (24-25 years old) but it made a huge difference over being 18-19. I was much more focused and diligent about the subjects I was learning. My undergrad GPA was 3.25, maybe, and my grad GPA was 3.9+.

    I feel too tired these days to learn new things. I am often too tired to remember old things. o_o;;;

    But Calc is exciting! I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

    • I hope I enjoy it too!

      I am So Nervous about everything and social interaction with students is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. But at least. At least it’s remote this time.

  2. Well, I’m studying for an Advanced Accounting certificate at my local community college. Last time I was in school, all the classes were in person. All my classes this term were going to be online even without a pandemic.

    Doing okay so far!

    • Ooh, interesting. At the university I’m at, all our professors are scrambling around trying to figure out how to do online teaching, even after doing the end of Spring semester that way.

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