Long-Form Story Plans, or-

-or a pretense at such, at least.


“Blog Post” came up on my random what-to-write-next list! And Wyste suggested I post about my longform writing plans!



*looks around surreptitiously.*

So I haven’t been very good with the plans as of late, but I can’t keep blaming the pandemic forever.

I mean, I can probably blame my own sickness for a while, too, that gets me out of some of it but.


In terms of Long Form Projects, I have:

One novel 7/8 done with first draft (found Down Below, Bear Empire Cyber Era)

One novel where wrote maybe 1/8 and need to compeltely rewrite the outline to make it something I want to write (The Family Power, Aunt Family)

One Novel that will probably be 5 novellas, (Afterwards/Nathaen, the Post-Apoc travel journal gay romance story), 15/16+ done with first draft.

Several stories posted here in various distances of doneness:

Purchase is open ended, who knows.

Malina is probably about 1/3 done.

Saving the Cult is 2/3 to 3/4 done.

There’s a handful of long-form stories I’ve dropped for one reason or another, including at least one with a full scribbled outline (Funerary rites) for a three-book series and one which is about to reach its high point.. Climax… (beekeeper)


Then there is The Curse of A Novel, Rin & Girey / Into Lannamer.


Let’s see. Before the end of 2020, I want to finish Found and Afterwards drafts and have a new outline for Family Power. That seems doable, that’s like one a month.

I would like to in the first quarter of 2021 if not sooner, take one of my completed long-form projects (Hidden Mall, Running in the Bear Empire, Haunted House, Edally Book 1) and do at least a first run of edits, preferably a second run or hire/bribe someone to do that, with the goal of before the end of 2021, getting it up on amazon as a novel.

Ideally, I will follow one with the enxt, then the next, then the next, etc, and by that point I will have one of those up there done to do the same with, but the first problem, the BIGGEST problem,

Is that I have no workflow, no chart, no game monsters, no planning set-up for edits. The best I’ve managed is in something like Climbing Out (a project Cal and I started years ago) where I put it in one window and rewrite the whole thing from scratch in another window – much like when I tried doing the Addergoole Original Series rewrite.

Side note: So there’s a thing. Addergoole. Some of my readers love it, some hate it.

The ORiginal Series, the gateway into Addergoole. .. Is very important to me-

and it sucks.

I have thought about trying to rewrite it so many times. I have started rewriting it, I have even started to note what I’ve have to change.

And the truth is, I’d rather just leave it as background that isn’t really canon anymore and, instead, write something new.

I’m thinking Year 10.

But then I read about someone wanting to read all four years Boom were in school and I’m also sort of thinking year 7.

So that’s a plan, maybe for NanoWrimo – which would be novel, doing a single piece, haven’t done that in a while for a November proper nano.

Okay, back to I have no workflow. I’m up for suggestions for this. Any suggestions. All suggestions. Please. Because I need it to be On The Spreadsheet before I’ll actually do it regularly.

Or maybe a bujo page with stickers…



3 thoughts on “Long-Form Story Plans, or-

  1. I admit to curiosity about editing. I believe you have some quite qualified editors as readers and commentors, and I would be interested in ‘watching’ them at work if you end up hiring/bribing one.
    I’m also open to the idea of having a go, though I’ve no idea if that’s good sense since the only similar thing I’ve done is as a first-reader.

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