… starting to think that “Talking about Writing” needs its own category, since I don’t have any place to put that.

NOR do I have a category for “prompt calls,” just a tag.

2 thoughts on “Meta

  1. Anything being posted as “Uncategorized” is clearly looking for a category, indeed. “Meta” or “about writing” or “author” (“Authorial Notes”) with things like “process”, “contemplation”, “conlang”, and “worldbuilding” as sub-categories? Or do conlang and worldbuilding posts belong under the categories for their ‘verses? Sometimes you’re talking about those things in abstract or across several ‘verses. Prompt calls could be their own category or a subcategory?

    • Conlang and Worldbuilding get conlang & verse, separately/together.

      Prompt calls really should be a category, I agree.

      Hrrm, About Writing, About the Site.

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