Monday, tired and accomplished

I’ve been remiss in posting lately; this has been a combination of tired (sick + busy) and busy (busy + busy) 😉

This weekend, my parents came down to help us install a new window in the bedroom-to-be (the old one was leaking air and a general mess). Of course, it rained all weekend, but we have a new window, my mother cleaned our kitchen (it sparkles. How does rough ceramic tile sparkle? O_O), and we had two nice meals together.

Step one in bedroom remodel: done. Step two – find a plumber not occupied, difficult as two nearby counties were recently flooded in Irene. The baseboard radiators need to be redone/replaced/moved so we can have a closet.


Until noon EDT today (you have 3 hours!) rebelsheart is offering a microfic fishbowl. Read the piece to my prompt!

Dakotabailey is doing a free icon day.


I want this Ferris wheel. I have absolutely no place for it. But it’s cute.

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16 thoughts on “Monday, tired and accomplished

  1. I have to admit, that whole ferris wheel/Coney Island kinda look was rather neat. Good luck with the rest of the renos!

  2. Oof, that sounds like trying to get AC work done during the height of summer here. Hmm, I bet my sister would like that wheel for her plush animals. Unfortunately I have no idea where we would put it.

    • yeah, it’s a bit of a big thing, isn’t it? (the wheel) *nods* at least one plumber we reached had been flooded out himself.

      • Ouch. Our air conditioner died the day before the infamous Arizona Summer of 122 Degrees (Eh. It’s hot. That’s why you say inside in the air conditioning… oh… *bleep*). Fortunately one of my father’s coworkers also worked for a family AC business. They put us on their reservation list & the “willing to accept delivery at any time” list. So we were one of the first people called when someone wasn’t on hand to accept delivery of what *would* have been their new AC unit.

          • Yes. Connections are a good thing. Hmm, speaking of which, since no one has bitten on Twitter. Interested in a coupon for (Baen’s DRM free ebook store). Never put in an email address before for the coupon, but if you haven’t purchased from them before it’s good for a free webscription (I suspect for either the October or November one).

  3. Yay on the new window! Glad things are progressing. And an awesome guest room is great, but some of us are happy for any guest room.

    • Probably another year on that; we have rooms but they’re not guestable yet. Since we don’t even technically have a bedroom yet…

        • Well, we installed the Window Sunday. I’m still working on painting the walls. We need a plumber to reinstall the baseboard radiators, so that we can have someone install the carpet & we can build the closet.

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