Not Everyone Makes it Out

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This happens before/during the storyline of Addergoole.

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“Look,” Eris insisted, her voice a hiss, “you can’t kill him. Anything else, sure, but it’s not like you can hide murder here, and if you kill another student, you’ll get expelled.”

“How do you know?” Mark was angry enough to be seeing red, but Eris had proven an accurate, if paranoid, guide to this school so far.

“Shad told me, okay? I don’t know how he figured it out. But it’s the one thing they’ll expel you for. That’s what they say, at least… and I don’t want to risk it.”


Viridian couldn’t seem to get out.

She knew, in a vague, unclear sense, that she was dead. She’d been dead for several years now – she’d seen her body, seen it taken out to the Village, watched them bury her with all the rites they thought they owed her. (She’d watched them take samples from her body, take her eggs and preserve them, as well, but she tried not to think too hard about that.)

She’d watched them usher dJango out of the school – quietly, with no fanfare, with layers and layers of mind Working to suppress all his memories of the school – while her body was still cooling on a slab, watched as they removed everything of him from the premises, and tucked his files away in a black folder. She’d thought when he was gone, she’d fade or move on. She thought when they buried her, maybe, then she’d be able to go. But, though the pull of elsewhere tugged at her, it was a distant and faint pull, and she couldn’t get past the edge of the property.

She tried to sleep, sometimes, but the room that had been hers was occupied by someone from the Third Cohort, a pretty girl with blue feathered hair. She hadn’t spent much time there, her first year, but now, her Keeper graduated, she’d sit up at night staring at the walls. Sometimes Viridian wondered if the girl could see her. Sometimes she tried to talk to her, but the girl never replied.

She wondered how long she’d be stuck here, wandering the halls, reading idly in the library when someone left a book on the table, studying over people’s shoulders in classes. She wondered if anyone would ever find her.

She wondered, when the halls were quiet and she was alone with her thoughts, what she’d done, that had made dJango snap so badly, how she’d pushed her Kept so badly that he’d ended up killing her.

And she wondered why he’d gotten to leave, and she was stuck here, even after death.

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16 thoughts on “Not Everyone Makes it Out

  1. Whoa. When I’d noticed on the Wiki’s student list that there was one any marked deceased and another marked expelled, I’d wondered if they were connected. And an interesting note there that a kept isn’t automatically stopped from killing their keeper. On one hand I’d say play that up more to try and get the harsher keepers to show some restraint. But I suspect the actually result would be the harsher keepers layering even more commands on their kept to try and prevent it from even being a possibility.

    • There’s a set of orders we refer to as “standard black hat orders” that include “don’t attack me, don’t tell the staff anything bad about me…”

      • Hmm, “I’m going to take note’s professor, my Keeper is really, really good at giving me orders that won’t let me tell you anything that would upset you. He thinks of so many things too, he must be really, really smart.” Hmm, so when will he think to ban sarcasm and damning with praise…

        • Some of them do. Ardell’s Kept just haven’t been that smart, and Eris – well, Eris was a smart-mouth that kept getting herself deeper and deeper in trouble.

          • Bowen managed to talk to Fridmar about Agatha. Do some of the Mentors resort to quietly handing over nutritious snacks to be eaten there and then in Mentor/student meetings?

            • Bowen managed to get around things a little, yeah. But he couldn’t have said anything that was really wrong And yeah. In the RP, Luke did that for Lily a lot. Protein bars in the locker room every PE class. I imagine Shira Pelletier’s office always has snacks.

  2. And who gets to use Viridian’s eggs? And what happens to dJango? Did they get him a new Mentor? Did they even let him remember that he’d Changed? (Dropping the Mask you didn’t know you had while looking in the bathroom mirror, how’d that be for shock?)

  3. Oh my. The fact that she doesn’t know what she did that was the final straw for her Kept? That was the part that made me loose all sympathy for her. She can be stuck there forever… Erm, I’m apparently mean like that.

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