Halloween 1988

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This happens before the storyline of Addergoole and may or may not be canon.

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“Well, this will be interesting.” Maureen studied the incoming parents and small children flowing into the well-decorated Village. “Are you sure this is a good idea, Regine?”

“Normal American children celebrate Halloween, correct?” the Director asked crisply. “And, right now, the children of our project are normal American children.”

“Well, not all of them are American, but I see your point,” Maureen ceded. Even if “normal” was open to debate. “But they’re so young – you don’t really think they’re remember this, do you?”

“They may. And if they don’t, we can see how they’re progressing.”

“Of course.” Always with her project motives, never seeing the human – the person – behind the project. Maureen tut-tutted quietly and went off to see how the party preparations were going.

“What are you supposed to be?” A tiny girl – maybe five years old, if Maureen was any judge – was looking up at a dour-faced Doug.

“A centurion,” he told her gravely, and then, much to Maureen’s surprise, knelt down so she could see the way his breastplate was put together. “You?”

“Me?” She did a happy twirl of her lavender and purple dress. “I’m a good witch. I’m Shahin.” She offered him a hand solemnly. “This is Kailani,” she pointed at the freckled ginger girl next to her, who was wearing a tailored navy-blue suit with a red tie. “She’s dressed as the first woman president. And this is Jamian.” The little boy trailing along behind had a beard glued to his chin, and giant paper-mache horns. “He’s a goat.”

“Baa,” the boy offered uncertainly.

“Very nice costumes,” Doug agreed solemnly. “I think you all did very well.”

On the other side of Main Streets, two small children were shouting at each other. Maureen stood, leaving the adorable set of children to their conversation with the dour warrior, and hurried over to break up the fight. She was already getting quite a bit of practice at that.

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10 thoughts on “Halloween 1988

  1. If it’s not canon, perhaps Maureen is dreaming? Does she get prophetic dreams? Also spelling typo “She offered him a hand solmenly” ‘solemnly’ (and yes, I had to double check the dictionary.)

  2. That is amusing, even if it is not cannon. Me, I’m waiting for Jamian and Ty to remember the summer camp that apparently is cannon…

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