Hell Night – #Addergoole Years 1, 4, 7

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This happens before/after the storyline of Addergoole, and stars the school’s invisible librarian

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Year One of the Addergoole School: Hell Night

The idea, Wysteria was willing to admit, had merit. Stress had been proven to accelerate the Change and, it could be assumed, in some cases pushed a Change where otherwise the Ellehemaei would have remained Faded.

On top of that, it was rather fun to ghost invisibly through the hallways, playing poltergeist, making things float and poking students who were managing to be too blasé about the whole thing. There, that lovely girl Dita with the excessive assets; Wysteria whispered some nonsense in pseudo-Latin in her ear, and was rewarded with a wonderful jump.

Scaring the students could be fun!

Year Four of the Addergoole School: Hell Night

The First Cohort had taken over the scary parts of Hell Night with gusto and, by now, the Second and Third Cohorts were joining in. There wasn’t any need for the staff to don scary faces anymore, but this year, Wysteria felt as if she should watch.

The gauntlet was scarier, darker, more horror-movie and less haunted house than the staff’s version. And her son was out in it (all their children had been out in it; that was part of the malice of Regine’s plan).

A scream cut the air, and the librarian drifted to investigate. Hell Night, indeed.

Year Seven of the Addergoole School: Hell Night

Wysteria frowned repressively (and invisibly) at the two Sixth Cohort students working their way through the History section. Her Library was not supposed to be part of their bloody hazing ritual. She was supposed to be left out of it.

And the child with them? A Seventh, a skinny boy, blindfolded, bound, and bruised. They were getting out of hand again, and nobody seemed willing to stop them.

She waited until they had dumped the boy in a blind passageway, and then Wysteria began to show the miserable little monsters what a true Hell Night was supposed to look like.

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23 thoughts on “Hell Night – #Addergoole Years 1, 4, 7

      • I have decided that I like the librarian, even if she kicked Kia out during the research into Jamian’s word. And it’s good to see that there actually was something useful intended in the origins on Hell Night (I suppose Regine figures that the excesses that the older cohorts get up to are still useful in that the stress will make a change more likely? Otherwise, since these actions are decidedly not in the rooms and out of sight, the staff should know about what’s happening).

        • Makes me wonder if it got worse over time on its own, or if that was Regine’s plan from the get-go, and the relatively harmless start only to get anybody in the staff who might not have approved of the eventual version to go along with it. I also wonder what’d happen if one of the new students injured or killed one of the “pranksters” in self-defense. (I’m under the impression that Hell Night comes as a surprise the first time around, which may be wrong.)

          • In reverse order – Hell Night comes as a surprise to the new students, yes. Injured happens. Rix has written a couple fun guest stories/fan fic where that happens. Killed – well, they’re hampered by not having magic yet, but a particularly strong Change might manage it. But the administration *is* watching via camera, and try to break things up before they get too bad. Regine has a very silly view of teenagers, in that she thinks, or at least thought, that they are sweet and generally good people. It took a student nearly dying for her to BEGIN to understand what was going on under her nose.

        • Well, that section IS forbidden for a reason. And yeah, I know the useful origins get lost a lot in the kerfluffle. (See answer to below…) also, new students getting Kept helps The Other Part of the Project. And no, she really didn’t expect the rape.

          • Pff. Their fault for putting the forbidden books section in the regular library. I mean really, you’ve got a place where you are effectively training the kids to look for hidden stuff/meanings, then get annoyed when they walk into a forbidden section of the library? (sure, hidden door — see earlier part of the sentence)

  1. I’d re-opened this while working on something (I think perhaps my first draft of Cody’s Hell Night experience). Running across it again while closing tabs I’m reminded that I love this bit. Go librarian go!

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