Giraffe Call Update!!

Good morning!

I’ve been very busy on this weekend’s Giraffe Call (If you missed it, you have until I get to the bottom of both lists to add a prompt – here or here).

I wrote 4 more responses yesterday, bringing my total to 16 so far. I have 3 more prompters to get to, and then I will move on to the sponsored stories. People have really been creative with their interpretations of the theme, and it’s been a lot of fun.

the Linkback Incentive story (LJ) is still going; I’ve written 100 more words and think I can wrap it up in 150-200 more words (or 3-4 more linkbacks).

Right now Ninja Kitty is winning for # of commenters, with 10. (LJ)

Whichever story has the most commenters by the end of day Friday, I will write a short setting piece for that setting.

You can read all the giraffe call stories on this tag (or this one)

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