Already Wednesday, avec les pommes

Yesterday, we made applesauce.
Monday, we made applesauce and apple cake.
Sunday, we made applesauce.
Saturday, we got lost on an Epic!Quest! for apple cider.
Tonight, we will make applesauce. And maybe can it.
(the makeshift canner (our giant pot and a steamer rack from the Chinese food store) will hold 8 quart jars. Our next-biggest pot will hold about 8 cups of applesauce. So batches.)

There hasn’t been as much work on this house this week, but we got a Giant Order Of Stuff from Lowes yesterday (incl. the stuff for the closet, window molding, log rack supplies, door molding, drywall, insulation… and a chest freezer) so there will be Stuff to Do once again. Also, mudding and painting. This bedroom is taking a lot of mudding.

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And someone is trying square foot gardening & Lasagna gardening together!

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23 thoughts on “Already Wednesday, avec les pommes

  1. “avec les…” is “with the”; “avec des…” should be “with”. Plural of pomme de terre is pommes de terre – apples of earth, not apples of earths. You do know that’s potatoes?

  2. Mmm, homemade apple sauce. One of my friends (who also has the luxury of lots of freezer space) freezes apples sliced and spiced in a pie plate, then transfers the pie-shaped chunk of apples to a bag after it’s frozen.

    • We’re thinking of doing that, too, though I hadn’t thought of doing it in pie plate (our other “food storage investment” was a vacuum sealer).

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