Poll-off! After having the poll up for several days, I have a three-way tie. So!

Edited to add: I clearly can’t count. But I’ll keep this poll up anyway.

Edited again to add: (the miss-count was, in part, because someone changed a vote. I feel less silly!)

Should I split the continuation-incentive up among the winners or pick a specific winner from those three?

Alternately, should I continue something I’ve written since I posted the first poll?

Original polls are here:

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19 thoughts on “Poll-off!

  1. I am confused by this multi-way tie, as in the poll results I see Rule 2 with three votes in each poll, and nothing else with more than two votes in each poll. What am I missing?

      • Yes, that’s what I meant by each poll — three on livejournal, and three on dreamwidth, and nothing else with more than two votes in either (or more than one vote in the comments, now that I am reading the comments more carefully). I can’t figure out what I’m missing.

        • Okay, now I’m confused. These two polls: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/160638.html http://aldersprig.livejournal.com/305857.html I just recounted and I got: Rude Roomates (Stranded) 1+1=3 At the Movies (Stranded) 0+0=0 The Grey Line (Unicorn/Factory) 2+2=4 Ghosts of Memory (Girey) 0+2=3 Giving up the ghost/Carrying it (Reiassan) 0+0=0 Ninja Kitty (Cali) 2+1=3 When In Rome/Revenge Pumpkins (Cali) 1+2+1=4 Memories/Monsters (Ag) *0+0=0 Not Everyone Makes it Out (Ag) 0+0=0 Hell Night (Ag) 0+0=0 Fae-Bane (AgYr9)* 0+1=1 Creeped (Ag Yr9)* 1+0=1 Where have the Zombies Gone (DnD) 1+0=1 Fears/Loophol (DND) 0+1=1 Salt (DND) 1+2=3 Rule 2 (DND) 3+3 =6 Skeletons (DND) 2+1+1=3 Heirlooms and Old Lace (Aunts) 0+1=1 Relics/Lost Spirits (Aunts) 0+1=1 Shadow Rebellion 0 Inside the Walls (Planners) 1+0=1 Ghost of Finals 0 Something from a former Call 0 Something Else 1 Bugs v. Spooks 1 Which is really confusing me, because last time I counted (And I hadn’t seen any other votes pop up since then), Rule 2 had 1+3, not 3+3. Hunh.

                • Okay, I ran it through Excel Because Clearly anything else was just not working *headdesk* (thank you for the cocoa) Rude Roomates (Stranded) 1+1+1=3 At the Movies (Stranded) 0+0+=0 The Grey Line (Unicorn/Factory) 2+2+=4 Ghosts of Memory (Girey) 0+2+=2 Giving up the ghost/Carrying it (Reiassan) 0+0+=0 Ninja Kitty (Cali) 2+1+=3 When In Rome/Revenge Pumpkins (Cali) 1+2+1=4 Memories/Monsters (Ag) * 0+0+=0 Not Everyone Makes it Out (Ag) 0+0+=0 Hell Night (Ag) 0+0+=0 FaeBane (AgYr9)* 0+1+=1 Creeped (Ag Yr9)* 1+0+=1 Where have the Zombies Gone (DnD) 1+0+=1 Fears/Loophol (DND) 0+1+=1 Salt (DND) 1+2+=3 Rule 2 (DND) 3+3+=6 Skeletons (DND) 2+1+1=4 Heirlooms and Old Lace (Aunts) 0+1+=1 Relics/Lost Spirits (Aunts) 0+1+=1 Shadow Rebellion 0+0+=0 Inside the Walls (Planners) 1+0+=1 Ghost of Finals 0+0+=0 Something from a former Call 0+0+=0 Something Else 1+0+=1 Bugs vs. Spooks1+0+=1

          • Your math for Rude Roommates and Ghosts of Memory seems to be off by one. I was confused by this the last time you posted that there was a tie, too, as at the time I also saw Rule 2 ahead, but at the time I figured more people had voted since the tie. It seems unlikely that you’d had a cached version of the poll saved and nothing else changed.

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