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“So,” Winter explained to his younger sisters, “the world is like a giant spaghetti squash.” He jammed his fork into their dinner. “Everything looks solid, right? But,” he twisted the fork, “if you grab things just the right way, you can see how it’s all made of long strands. Except in the case of the world, the strands are magic.”

His three younger sisters, used to taking Big Brother as the authority on everything, were still dubious.

The siblings Winter, Autumn, Summer, and Spring each manipulate and read the strands of the world in their own way, while attempting to live within the world as normally as possible. The Stranded World is contemporary fantasy, slice-of-life with a magical overtone, following the threads of their lives.

These stories are primarily one-shot pieces bouncing around the lives of the four siblings.

Good stories to Start With

Autumn Stories

Winter Stories

Summer Stories

A Summer Summary:

A perpetual student at a small liberal arts college, Summer RoundTree is the third of four children (Autumn & Winter are older, Spring younger), all of whom have the ability to work with the Strands that hold all life together (the connections between everything in the world).

Summer’s skill is to jinx or charm people in small or large amounts, in a general “here have another die of luck” or a more specific manner.

She is in a surprisingly long-lasting relationship with Bishop and Melinda & lives with two other college students – now all grad students except Summer – just off-campus in a small college town in Anywhere, USA.

She’s a theatre nerd through and through and, no matter what else she does, she’s in theatre classes.

Spring Stories

Stories: All the seasonal siblings

Stories: not the seasonal siblings

Worldbuilding Strands


Icons by djinni are of Autumn, Winter, Summer, and Spring

Picture of Autumn by [personal profile] meeks –

Winter and Spring Art by elmenora

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