But Everyone Else is Doing it… (weight loss and joining a gym)

Hello and happy Saturday!

I confess, “everyone else is doing it” is a very strong motivator for me to not do something: dye my hair red, even when I wanted to. Wear something fashionable. Start weight loss programs in January.

On the other hand, I really want to lose weight and get in better shape. So I’ve started – technically in December – back onto Weight Watchers.

(Because I’m like that, I’m still using the old “fiber and fat” Points program, because I know it, it works, and I have all the stuff. (Fiber makes stuff cost less “points;” fat makes it cost more.))

And I joined a gym! This was tricky for me, because I kept getting nervous and finding reasons to stall and not go. It’s a tiny gym, but it’s less than 10 minutes away, it’s all-hours access, and it has the machines I want, most specifically an elliptical and a recumbent bike (I’ll worry about weights later).

I love it. I love getting all sweaty and out of breath. I love the feeling that I’m actually burning calories. I love the feeling in my muscles the next day that means I’m doing something right. I love it.

Now to figure out the weight machines so I can start toning, too…

So, what are you doing nicely for yourself this year?

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  1. I am trying to sleep more, and eat well (which is hard when working 10:30 AM until 7:00 PM). I am really trying not to get sick. And yet I keep having all sorts of zany issues… Trying to just relax and get by, I’m now living in a fairly nice place to walk, once we don’t have two feet of snow on the ground.

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