December: OricFic Bingo/Prompt Call

So, I have this:

taking a chance storm tower Freedom magic
anniversary bribery [sports & games] Lost in Translation Home
evening the odds [Forgiving] PICK ANYTHING
Older Witches
Grace Promises broken
[the next best thing] Disability (chronic) [disparate] Now & Then
Then & Now
Under Pressure
lost and found [wishing] [parent(s)] change of pace Knowledge

from [community profile] origfic_bingo

And this is what I’m going to do:

Pick a square, and give me a prompt with that as a theme. I.e., Promises Broken, Junie and her teacher.

First prompt will get written; after that I’m going to go for a Bingo, so prompts that are within a line of the first prompt are more likely to get written.

Squares that have been prompted to will be [bolded and bracketed]; squares that have been written will have a link. Please feel free to prompt any square, even those filled.

First Bingo will be posted free.


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0 thoughts on “December: OricFic Bingo/Prompt Call

  1. Square: evening the odds prompt: feu drake naked Did I do that right?? Never did quite understand this bingo thing when you combine it with writing stuff. …yes, you may have triggered something with the first post.

  2. Sports&games: Stranded: (some of) the seasonal siblings hanging out together doing something fun. (Alternate, because I’m indecisive: Sports&games: Dragons Next Door: playground)

      • Did you enjoy it? Was it a useful prompt call? How was it better or worse than other styles of prompt call, for you?

        • It was a lot of fun, at the very least. It brought in very little $ – $4 – so i may try a slightly different method of $$ next time.

          • My impression (which may be wildly off) was that usually most of the money on giraffe calls was on (discounted) comissions and continuations, which weren’t an option this time?

            • Hrrm, you have a point. Thinking of shifting back to that for January. I.e., I’ll write at least one Bingo. If you donate, I will write at least two of your prompts; I’ll also write $X110 words of your choice.

              • That’d make it a lot more like your past giraffe calls for donors, while keeping the number of unsponsored prompts you’re committed to down to a fixed level. That seems reasonable? I don’t watch many crowdfunders at work, so I don’t have much data on what does or doesn’t work in general, or much sense of when/whether what works for one person might work for another.

  3. <pokes> I am curious about the coding for the bingo square. There are three squares in italics, which I think means “multiple prompts”, but I can only find two prompts for one of them (lost+found).

    • The other two were double-prompted on Twitter (from @anke to @thornewrites) at my request when someone wanted to see the left-to-right diagonal.

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