The ClockWork Collar, or The Princess of Al-ben, a kink-bingo mini-story in 25 parts. Part 15

First: The Collar (LJ)

Previous: Core and Ends (LJ)

She started with his toes.

She caressed his feet. “I should have bathed you first.”


“Ticklish, are you?” He squirmed violently against the ropes. “yes, you are. Lovely.” She rubbed up to his ankles. “Old scars, too. You’ve had a fun life, haven’t you, Master?”


“You can tell a lot about a man from his feet. From his ankles.” She pushed the rope aside to study the scars.


“They’re lovely ankles.” She caressed his calves. “Lovely feet. If you were mine, I might cane them.” She pinched his ankle gently. “What would you think of that?”


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