Meme Time: Questions

Questions from [personal profile] moonwolf

1. Why did you start writing Addergoole?
Hrrm. That’s convoluted.

Steps: A friend introduced me to Tales of Mu.
I had been writing for a while by then.
And I wanted to share my writing with other people.
Web-fiction seemed like a brilliant idea.

Then it was a matter of – well, then, what should I write?
I had the Tír na Cali setting. I wanted something sexy, because Mu was so sexy. But Tír na Cali suffers from some really horribly shallow worldbuilding. So that wouldn’t work.

So… what if I just changed a few details?

And then Addergoole was born.

2. What’s your favourite thing about crowdfunding?
Immediate feedback! I can tell what works, and what doesn’t work!

3. If you could pick any of your verses to live in, which would it be and why?
Ack! I like writing dystopias… not so much living in them!
I think Facets, if I could be on the team. Or another team, but I really like Cole.
Or Stranded. Stranded would be nice.

4. What magical power would you love to have?
Teleportation teleportation teleportation

5. If you suddenly got sucked into an RPG which one would it be and what sort of character would you be?
Addergoole RPG?
I really don’t know that one.
gut says Werewolf: the apocalypse. Child of Gaia Theurge.

• Comment with “Catch the fox”
• I’ll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions. (<- let's make that optional

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    • Cheating! * If you could live in any one of yours or my settings, what would it be? (Or Trix’s) * When did you start writing? * If you could have people meeting you understand one thing about you without extra explanation, what would it be? * Favorite Color? Musician/group? Texture? * Please tell me at least where at least one of your screen names came from.

    • Okay, I’m going to start with the easy ones: 1. What got you started writing? 2. What keeps you going? 3. What’s your favorite style of poetry? Your favorite topic? 4. What fictional universe would you most want to live in? 5. What is an ideal weekend/day off for you?

    • * So: Why Fox? * Favorite story/world/author as a child? * And now? * One thing you don’t regret at all * If you had to split your time between a fictional ‘verse and this one, which ‘verse would it be?

  1. This seems like fun: Catch the fox. Although most of the yet-to-be-finished stories I have are from my four settings and I haven’t written anything else about them online ^^; So if you do post any settings questions it might need to involve just yours or some sort of introduction questions.

    • * Why “flofx?” * So you do write! Why don’t you post online? (Or where do you post online?) * What sort of fictional settings do you most enjoy? *. What is an ideal weekend/day off for you? * Coffee or tea? (Soda?) Rice or beans? (Pasta?) Sunny or rainy (snow? Tornadoes?)

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