Character Meme Day Three – Another Era (Tairiekie)

So, I decided to do a character meme, and this one showed up first on google. Because the theme of the month is Reiassan, I’m starting with Tairiekie.

Day 3:
Choose a different time period and describe what your character would have been like in that time period.(2)

If Tairiekie had been born in the “Iron Age,” she likely would have been what was colloquially called a sira-flinger, albeit a scholarly one.

She probably would have left home early, maybe about the age she is going to school, and would have apprenticed with an older sorcerer, one who knew the ways of the magic (sira) and who would educate her. Her parents probably would have chosen the sorcerer, if they knew someone, or asked a family friend for a recommendation.

Taikie really is bright, and probably would have struck out on her own in only a year or two, probably teaming up with a mercenary band. She likes adventure, and I can easily see her with the flat braids of a soldier and the bright-colored tunics, flinging out spells and twisting the sira around her enemies while balancing on her saddle. She’d be a truly inspired combat mage.

She’d be cocky, though, and that makes me worry that in the harsher times of the iron age, she might not live a very long life. It would be a spectacular one, though, however long it was.

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