Please to pick another random number for me

Between one and twenty-one, to pick the next thing on my writing list

The list, not in order of its numbers, includes:

Inventrix Commish
Patreon flashfic public
Rix Words the second (more Baram)
Blog Post
Submission (find)
Inner Circle
Setting write up
Edits from April
Landing Page
Rion Edits
Welcome to AG Letter
Kelkyag Words!
Demifiction Meme
Rix Words!
Liveblog Summary
KN Commish
collate liveblog
Live** the apoc
Patreon flashfic

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0 thoughts on “Please to pick another random number for me

  1. One! (“Hey, boss, is that the best you can do? Boring old one?” “I played it honestly, Loiosh. I started the Stopwatch dial on my watch, let it run for a few seconds, and when I stopped it it said 5.85. And 85 mod 21 is 1.” “Hmph. Crazy human.”)

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