Kittens, a story for the Giraffe Call

Written to [personal profile] anke ‘s prompt.

 "I miss my kittens."

"I had kittens once, and it was no fun."
Ocelli leaned back in her chair until it nearly toppled and stared at the ceiling, because if she stared at Group, she would laugh, and then there would be the meds again.  
"Would you care to clarify, Celia?"  The doctor had the warning voice on, the one that meant she wasn’t Cooperating.  Good Girls Cooperated. 
"It’s Ocelli. I got it changed legally and everything."  She thumped her chair back onto the ground and glared at the doctor.  "Ah-chell-lee."
"Like an Ocelot, you’ve said.  Wouldn’t that be Ah-seh-lee, then?"
"It’s my name. I can pronounce it like I want to and you could do me the same courtesy, Dr. Wordstrum."  The mood shifts weren’t what had landed Ocelli in here, but if anyone had actually been paying attention, maybe they should have.  She wasn’t stifling laughter anymore, now she was nigh-on snarling at the doctor, her hands flat on her lap.  She would not attack the doctor.  She would not attack anyone.  She would not…
"Your given name was Celia, however.  And I believe that this new name is a symptom of your disease.  Thus, we try to bring you back to Celia,  to…"
Ocelli stared at the ceiling and counted to twenty.  It wasn’t her fault the damn doctors couldn’t see. It wasn’t her fault they were Blind. 
"I had kittens once."  She fixed her gaze on the one who missed her kittens.  "It was no fun at all."

Writer’s note: I know that the doctor is being horrible and running group very badly. 


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  1. Ohhh. That last line reads completely different from the first time, in ¶2. PS:

    Written to [Unknown LJ tag] ‘s prompt.

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