Getting close to the Second Donation Level: Take-out (#Promptcall)

At $25, T. & I get take-out. Thai, I think, though it may be Indian. Reached!

at $40, I will commission a piece of character art from a crowdfunded artist

At $50, I will write an extra fic for everyone.

At $75, three prompters chosen at random will get an extra 500-word story written to their prompt

At $80, I will commission another piece of character art from a crowdfunded artist

Remember, every Giraffe Call tip not only gets you MORE WORDS – 100 words/$1 – it also gets you a second story written to your prompt AND moves the ticker along towards that $50 mark, where you’ll get YET ANOTHER fic (and so will everyone else).

(Happy kitties like tips;
click on the kitten to go to paypal)

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