Please help me narrow down this tag to 5 or ten choices…

I have “write a more-please” on my writing list, but when it comes up, I often find myself paralyzed by choice. (This is not helpful for writing & directly in counter to the purpose of the list!)

Thus, I’m asking you guys to help me narrow it down. Pick one to three things you’d most like to see continued and comment here.

(For completests: I created a morepls: fulfilled tag for things I’ve, well, written more to, but I didn’t backlog. If you see something that needs the tag to be changed to “fulfilled,” either change the tag yourself or leave a comment on the post that I should change it.)

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0 thoughts on “Please help me narrow down this tag to 5 or ten choices…

  1. Eva and Rosaria and Willard. is tagged morepls, as is and possibly more, but I think is the most recent bit. Beryl and Radar and the lavender-and-tea kitten. Junie and the gremlins and the would-be kidnappers. (Apparently I like threes today?) Tag updates: was followed by — I think “morepls” was updated to fulfilled on the wrong one? was followd by and that should totally be a morepls. was followed (briefly) by which should also be a morepls. Maybe should be, too, and that one seems not to’ve made it to Genique’s landing page. too. And I think that’s as far as I’m getting today. <thud>

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