The Poll Has Spoken: August Patreon Theme

The poll has been polled, the numbers counted, and the results for August are: Fae Apoc

The Faerie Apocalypse is the broader universe in which Addergoole and Doomsday Academy are set, the brief premise of which is that fae-like creatures with magical powers walk among us and, in 2011, they enter into a massive war with other fae-like creatures, triggering an apocalypse which wipes 90% of humanity (and fae) off the globe.

Its landing page is here:

As always, I will write the following Patreon stories:

$5 level – a Patron-only microfiction (or, in this case, micro-continuation)

$20 level – a Patron-only flash fiction (or about 750-1250 words of continuation)

$30 level – if I gain any $7+ Patrons, they may prompt for a private continuation.

And, if we get up to $40 (one more $5 Patron & one $1 Patron! or 6 more $1 Patrons!), then we can talk about the Patreon Serial!!

Check out my Patreon here –

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in fae apoc!

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