Cave Renovations

There is a room in our house off the living room that we call the cave.

It’s approx. 8’x8’x6.6′, off a room that is 14-ish feet wide, and it hides behind the wood stove, so in the winter it’s super warm. My desk is in there, and the armchair where I do the rest of my writing.

But it was painted white-over-yellow-over green with awful wallpaper, the walls were a mess, and there was a door leading into the wall, about 1.5’x2′ in size, that just looked ugly (It was, before they sided the house, a door for throwing firewood in). There’s also awful awful awful linoleum, but since we’re going to later drop the floor down to be level with the rest of the living room, we might not fix that just now.

Mom came to visit yesterday, and over the course of approx. 11-4, we replaced the door to nowhere with drywall, removed the wallpaper border, Mom washed… everything (she does that) and we got the first coat of spackle/joint compound on most of the places that needed it.

It already is starting to look better!

Today… more joint compound. And then… more spackle, and the first stages of sanding.

Within 2 weeks… paint! A nice coat of the house color (just-barely-off-white) over everything.

And new switch plates. Lots of new – well, 4, 4 new wall plates.


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9 thoughts on “Cave Renovations

    • No windows! The 4th wall (ha) is open to the rather well-windowed living room, but the cave itself faces mostly north. In the long run, I’m going to have T. take a nice picture out the front window, print it window sized, and hang it in a window-looking frame on the back wall 😀

  1. That sounds productive! My weekend involved more dejasmining of the garden. Around the magnolias seems to be clear, so next week is cutting out the gaura, and rescuing the lilly pilly and the abutilon.

      • Removing five layered jasmine undergrowth with some sections I would have mistaken for tree roots if I’d dug and not pulled them up. My garden has been overrun but I am taking a stand! Yes, I can, particularly on nice days. Even our coldest day would only be about 12 degrees Celsius, so if it’s not too cold or wet, you can. Some grasses don’t stop growing. If it helps give you some sort of reference, one of the big businesses here used to be orange orchards.

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