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July 2014: Tir na Cali
Naked Sushi

August 2014: Reiassan
A Hero of Reiassan*
Other Soldiers, Other Fates* – continuation here*

September 2014: Gender-funkery
The Haircut *
The Shape-Wizard’s Apprentice

October 2014: Impossible Situations
Family Reunion*
The Trouble With O’Shareen Seven*

November 2014: "I’m Writing Nano"
After the Storm (Addergoole post-apoc)

December 2014: No theme
Excerpt, Rin & Girey/Into Lannamer

January 2015: "I’m writing A Lot of Doomsday"
The Storm Prince of Death *

$20 Pledge Reached – short story

February 2015: Music and Song
Abduction: a musical*

March 2015: Dragons Next Door
A Twisty Problem
A Meeting & an Education*

April 2015: Stranded World
Strands and Connections
Tangles and Knots, Snarls and Combs
A tangled Knot *

May 2015: Love Stories
Ashes & Love (Fae Apoc)
The Warlord’s Cat *
Five Locks (Fae Apoc)

$30 pledge reached – bonus story at $7 pledge level

June 2015: Tír na Cali
Leaving the Land of the Free
Fox Hunt
Sale Price *
Last Bid *
The Queen’s Councillor *

July 2015: Finish It! (More, Please)
Down, Down, Down *  

(After Into the History of Addergoole)The Hunt Continues  

(After Fox Hunt, June ’15)

Commissioned continuations:

A Rescue in Kind

(after the Daxton/Esha story found at this tag)

August 2015: Faerie Apocalypse
Discovery Channel – during the apoc *§
Want Ad – pre-apoc * (continued with Desired Situation *)
The Scores, the Stories, and the Truths pre-apoc *§
Angelic Visitation* – After Storm Prince Of Death, Jan ’15, far post-apoc
Field Trip – during the apoc
A Storm Over Addergoole East 

$40 pledge reached – serial

September 2015: Cats
In Training – Tír na Cali *§
The Invasion of the Kah-Tah *
Vermin Hunter – Aunt Family
Lilac in Spring – Aunt Family *
Purrrrsonnel Issues *

October 2015: The Aunt Family
Heirlooms & Old Lace – modern era, Eva *§
Asta’s Journal – WWII Era *
Journals of Loss 
Let No Man Set Asunder – 1968
A Test, a Trial – Zenobia Era

Zenobia was the Aunt two aunts before Ruan,
who was before Asta, who was before Evangaline.
A Bear in Winter – a fairy tale *

November 2015: Legends & Myths
The Mall 
The Great Dragon – Faerie Apocalypse
Estrildis’ Ring and Bóinn’s – Tír na Cali

December 2015 – Holidays & Traditions
Later On, By the Fire – Faerie Apocalypse
You’d Better Watch Out – Aunt Family *
Light a Candle For Me – Reiassan/Edally

January 2016: Addergoole
Going to Addergoole East – sometime postapoc
When the Angels Came – during the apoc
Attrition – between years 12 & 17 *

February 2016: Dragons Next Door
Going to Asthrifel * 
The Tinies of Ogre-House 
A Model Student of the Pumpkin

March 2016: Doomsday Academy/Cloverleaf
The Year Cya Didn’t Keep Anyone – origins of Cloverleaf *§
Second Thoughts, Third Thoughts
Aging in Cloverleaf 
The Facility 

April 2016: April Showers
Don’t Cry, Baby – Addergoole  *§
The Baroness and the Pauper – Tír na Cali
(Mis)Use of Power – Faerie Apocalypse *
Priorities – Faerie Apocalypse

May 2016: Stranded World
The Deep Inks *§  
Private Party
 – at the festival 
Woven Together – other characters
Leftovers: Ficlets of Stranded World – Thanksgiving *

June 2016: Reiassan
Goat Diplomacy – just post-cut-off from the old world
The Tea Wars – during Rin & Girey’s voyage  *§
Goat-Mad – ~100 years before Edally *
The Weasel that saved the Empire – sometime after Rin but before Edally (probably)

July 2016: Dragons Next Door
"Damn Dragons, Get Off My Lawn!"  – origins of the series  *§
Visit the Dinosaurs
Leftovers in all the Wrong Places
Never call the L**rechaun *

dropped below $40 pledge level (serial)

August 2016: Tír na Cali
The Wrong Kidnapping 

The Serials
The Episodes
The Werewolf Episode, Part I
The Werewolf Episode, Part II 

The Expectant Wood
For all posts related to the Expectant Wood and Aerax, see here.
The Serial Family, a character profile
The Serial Islands, a geographic profile
The Expectant Wood I: Trouble at the Stamen
The Expectant Wood II: The Stamen-End
The Expectant Wood III: A Slippery Stamen-End
The Expectant Wood IV: A Sharp Exit
The Expectant Wood V: The First Rescue
The Expectant Wood VI: The Cut In Aereaxera 

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