Starting a pain/exercise log

Because it seems like the only way I actually write things down is if I blog it, sigh.

If for any reason you happen to want to be in on the “pain” filter, comment here. I don’t expect it will be very exciting. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Starting a pain/exercise log

    • …no? The point of the pain log, in part, is to be able to track when and how bad the pain is to be able to talk to a doctor about out.

  1. im interested 😀 i use bodyspace [’s app for my exercise tracking these days…i have a few complaints, but mostly it’s very good and motivating [i friend a lot of randoms and get boosts of energy from watching what they post/are doing :P] and previously used myfitnesspal, but its not good enough for weight lifting [which btw i highly recommend…will happily go on and on if you ever wish :P]

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