Such a nice girl…

Content warning: mind control, threat of violence, implied non-con, straight out nastiness.

Pls. don’t read if that’s gonna make you need to yell at the characters or the school. I wrote this one just for fun.

“That’s it. Hands behind your head.”

She’d been so nice.

Archimedes put his hands behind his head. Not because he wanted to; at the moment, he really didn’t want to do anything but run away. He was, sadly, already kneeling.

“Keep them there. Stay. Good boy.”

She’d helped him figure out this place, with electricity he barely remembered and food he’d never eaten. She’d gotten between him and some bullies, and if it grated that a girl was in between him and bullies, well, she’d softened that with a kiss.

He shifted his weight from knee to knee. The good boy felt good, but she was holding something that looked like a mop made of leather strips. “I don’t-“

“I know you don’t. But you’ll learn, won’t you?” She dropped down to her knees in front of him, the whip-thing falling to the floor. She was looking in his eyes, her own purple and terrifying.

She’d been so nice. It had felt so good talking to someone who got it, who could show him all the wonders of this place like the miracles they really were.

Archimedes held very still. The whip, the whip-thing had come out because he’d gotten freaked out. She was pretty, she was still pretty, but she was not, definitely not, human.

“Attaboy. That’s good. You’re not afraid of me, are you?”

He didn’t really know what had happened. She’d been holding him. They’d been enjoying the shower together. And then, then…

“Some of us are monsters,” she’d said. That had been the first day.

Archimedes swallowed. “You’re gorgeous. And it feels really good when you touch me.”

She’d told him not to lie, and he’d found that what she told him, he couldn’t disobey. Maybe she’d forgotten that, because she smiled. He focused on those purple eyes and tried to ignore the sharp, sharp teeth.

“That’s a good boy.” Her hand cupped his balls, her claws just barely pricking his skin. “Maybe if you can be very, very good for me, I won’t have to whip you, hrmmm?”

She’d been so nice. And then she’d looked at him, and her voice had dropped down low. “Don’t ever forget the nice guys ruined our planet as much as the bad guys.”

Archimedes nodded slowly. His throat was dry and his skin was crawling. “I can be good for you. You’re so beautiful.” Nobody’d ever said he wasn’t a quick learner.

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