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Lexember Day 13: Grain

kelkyag asked for Agriculture words — domesticated plants and their fruits. I got a brief start on that!

Food! Always important.

We already have belenuza, potato-parsnip (or earth-apple) and Lok, meal.

The first grain found by and eventually cultivated by the proto-Calenyena was barley: toppot, /tōp ‘pōt/ a word whose origins are lost in time. Later came wheat, tuz, /təz/ originally toppot-tuz. Tuz is a word that meant pale and can still be found in the word datuz, meaning “an unhappy surprise;” a pale-making.

Rice was borrowed from the proto-Arrans, the west-coast people, along with the name, corbin –> korbin

The long-grained black rice-like grain that was found on Reiassan was called Reiassannon’s Rice, voRiesa korbin.

And if you’ve noticed I slid in a possessive, you’d be correct.

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