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Lexember Day (20) (Yesterday) – Fancy Pants

The Calenyena have two words they use to mean “over done, gaudy, frivolous.”

The first comes from the Tabersi {Bitrani} words for “wide-brim”, fanada lerjo.

Although the Tabersi use broad-brimmed hats for a number of sensible reasons, not the least of them being that they are a cold-weather-adapted race that migrated south and tend to sunburn, they also wear some pretty ridiculous hats, at least by Calenyena lights, and thus “wide brimmed” became a term of disparagement. In Calenyen, this became baanaadaaler /’bän nä ‘dä ler/.

The second term comes from the West-Coasters {Arran}, from the city of Sheburri, which was known for being a fashion hub. To be immensely overdressed for a situation (“silk in the goat pen” is another phrase for it) is to be like someone from Sheburri, zhebburnon.

If you are thinking you have to be pretty overdone for the Calenyen to find you ridiculous… well, that’s not entirely inaccurate.

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Lexember day 21: Grooming

Today’s words focus on basic grooming, combing and brushing:

lool, to pull apart

dalool /’da lo͞ol/ a tool for pulling apart, a comb

dalooltez, a goat-hair comb

lurret, to smooth (from lur, smooth, easy)

(-ret is often used to mean “to make this [adjective]”)

Daluret, a tool for smoothing, a brush

Daloolza, to use a comb; dalurretza, to use a brush.

(-za is often used when using a tool)

Hair, human hair, is piem, so you can end up with a sentence like: Taikie piem-ba uveedalurretzaak; Taikie hair-her (pastperfect)-brush-(subject/verb agreement); Taikie had brushed her hair.

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