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Lexember Day (7): Losing

[personal profile] lilfluff asked for words for games, and from there for words for winning and losing.

Winning! And losing…

The Calenyena have three sets of words for winning and losing: in games for fun, in games with a prize/in a single battle, and in a large war or conflict.

Pol is an archaic word which once meant to fall. (Falling, as from a goat, is now duddie, from Dudiedah, tumble). It now means to lose shamefully – where you could win something.

Pyuh is for when one suffers small, unimportant loss. We were playing Monopoly and I lost.

Darnietda comes from an old word meaning to slip and fall (into the river) It now means “to lose” in a large way, for instance, “The Bitrani lost the war.”

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Lexember Day 17: Tea

Tea is a new-world discovery for the Bitrani and Calenyen both, found growing in the far south and especially on the southern islands of Reiassan.

At the initial stages of colonization, there were Calenyena (Ideztozhyuh) doing much of the hard labor of clearing the land; they were the ones who first discovered the bitter leaves of the bush could be stewed into a kind of drink.

They called it dyil, at first, and then dil. The Bitrani called the plant nevenah and the drink nevenanan, and from that the Calenyena began calling the drink nev. In modern parlance, dil is the plant, and nev the drink.

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