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Discovery – a story introduction for Steam!Reiassan

in the same era as Edally Academy

The messenger was having a hard time making himself understood.

“There’s a strange ship come into the harbor!”

The Emperor’s secretary was not impressed. “What are the shipwrights up to this year?”

“No, not like that. It’s flying strange colors.” The messenger gestured with both hands.

“Pirates?” The secretary frowned. “They’re not supposed to come this far North. They know what’ll happen if they do.”

“Not pirates.

“They’d better not be Bitrani…”

The messenger took a breath and began speaking more slowly, in carefully chosen words. “There is a ship of strange manufacture, flying a flag that is neither piratical or Bitrani and certainly not Calenyena. The people, from what we can see, do not look like us or the Bitrani, and their clothing is strange. There are foreigners coming into the harbor.”

The word foreigner was so old as to be archaic. There was no such thing. There was the empire, and that was it. To the North was ice; to the east was wind. To the south was nothingness; to the west was the great fire rift. There was nothing but the empire; since they had conquered the Bitrani, there were no foreigners to speak of.

Until, it appeared, now. The secretary coughed politely.

“I’ll let His Imperial Majesty know that he needs to see you right now.”

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A Convoluted Etymology: Lexember Day 11

noun; plural noun rookte, rookbe, rookne

Family group, tribe.

Collective plural Rookbe is a convocation of all the tribes in an area.

noun; plural noun kozhete, kozhebe, kozhene

When two like things intersect or encounter each other.






Profitable, with gain


To go, in the sense of travel

All right, if you put these words together, you get two sorts of meetings of two tribes: peaceful and violent, kozhrooklel, kozhrookgut.

From kozhrooklel and -laizh we get the idea of trading, a profitable pleasant meeting: kozhrooklellaizh, which over time became kozellaiz, trade.

From Kozellaiz and tap came tapkozhzellaizh, Go to trade, which became tapzellaizh and from that, over a long time, came tappaizh /tap ‘īzh/, from “go to a peaceful, profitable gathering of tribes” to “road”, the thing on which you go to those tribes.


See here for images of words.

(And all this because [personal profile] anke wanted words for giving or getting directions…)

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