Time to start knitting again!

I got my mom learning-to-knit for Christmas – 2 sets of needles, 4 skeins of yarn, and this pattern, because it involves:
* only knit stitches, no purl
* color changes
* increases
* decreases

(Mom & Dad have a long long flight to New Zealand ahead of them in January; I thought she’d best be prepared).

Of course, if I’m going to go drive up to Rochester & show my mom how to knit, I probably ought to have knitted in the last year or two, no? And it’s been a while.

I might do another kerchief, like this or this. Don’t need a hat, maybe I’ll work on the Shahin Wristies I’ve been thinking about for 100 years.

Maybe I’ll just dump all my yarn on the living room floor and see what jumps out. What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “Time to start knitting again!

  1. You love kerchiefs! And uswe them, so there is that. Need another pair of mitts? I got Star Wars crochet for Christmas and am working on a Stormtrooper.

  2. Without wishing to derail the project, can your mother take knitting needles on the plane with her in carry-on luggage? There was a while there when it wasn’t permitted, but things may well have changed since then.

          • *grin* I’ve read extensively on The Knitting Needle Controversy and it mostly seems to come down to most TSA agents don’t care but don’t take your super sharp #16 aluminum needles or anything super expensive.

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