Languary Day 18: More sentence construction

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The kitten jumped up.
(Jumped up kitten)
The kitten jumped onto the table.
(Jumped table onto kitten)
My little kitten walked away.
(Walked away kitten-little my)

Verb Object (Object adjective) (adverb) Subject (subject adjective)

Kitten, jumped, table, walked. And Up!

So a kitten is a shefeen, a small cat, or a felashef, a youth-cat.

to Jump: phanfisha

Past tense, third person singular is still -iln, phanfishiln

Table table table. Table is palan

Up is fot

Phanfishiln fot felashef.

Onto, oh Lord… /runs away/ /comes back/

Over, onto, under, shab, shem, shosh

Phanfishiln palan shem felashef.

Towards, away, thim, threm

crap, forgot WALK.

Walk is ssetsse

and my -ro

Ssetsselin* threm felashefeen-ro.

Ssetsselin* threm Lyn.

* because it’s irregular 🙂

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