Apocalypse Bingo!

I’m hosting Apocalypse Bingo over on Dreamwidth!

I’m trying something new – this bingo card has ==challenges== to it!  You can be going straight ahead and suddenly turn left!

I will takes prompts/suggestions on any of these that aren’t ==challenges==.  Since I’m hosting, I’m going to try to get a bingo and I’m going to try to take a route that leads me few at least a few challenges.

Come play along!  AllBingo is very friendly and easy to play along to!


World War Decaying high-rises/empty Superbomb(s) ==Villain!== write their reasons based on an adjacent square Zombies
==Road out== go around ==Hero== write a backstory based on an adjacent square Plague citadel with secret knowledge of the past Repopulate the species
Contagion Post-apocalyptic Dog* FULL fall-out shelter Supernatural threats Plants Take Over
Infertility Rich People are Evil Toxic Contamination ==Chase scene== change direction Magical solution
Weather-control Error ==Captured!== have someone pick a random square and write it No water Slept through the apocalypse* Massive Earthquake

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