Patreon Reposts & Trunk: December 2017

December is Lexember, so for today I’m looking at some tree words from Calenyena, the language of Reiassan. 🌳

Originally posted Dec. 16, 2015

Today’s word is thorn alder, because I can!

In further proving that my Reiassani persona is a Bitrani transplant to Calenta (tall, light-skinned, short hair, prefers less bright color combinations), the alders, including the thorn alders, exist on Reiassan almost entirely in the borderlands between South and North.

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This is one of my oldest stories-for-submission.  It made my mom cry…


The best part of spring, when the winter let go of the land and the snow melted away, was the creek that ran along the edge of my parents’ property.

Happy New Year!

Have a bottle of… ??!

Originally posted February, 2012


The island was big enough to sustain life for their small group.

Which was good, because they couldn’t figure a way off of it, and, even if they had, they weren’t certain there was anything to return to.

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Originally posted Sep. 14, 2014


“It’s perfect.” Ce’rilla looked around the old hotel. “It has an atrium, it has rooms, and everything else can be fixed.”

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