Conlang (Extra Lexember?) – syllabary

Post 1:

Okay, today we’re going to talk about Food.

If you’re looking for haute cuisine, that’s going to have to wait.  Today, we’re talking about very basic food for my as-of-yet-unnamed/worldbuilt society.

First is the Fiffiff root, a tuberous starch root to a thorny bush, vinni which bears berries  – the berries, thitfi, are edible by the cattle-like creature (The thit) but not by humans.

Fiffiff is cooked on one of three ways:

blended with the sap from the fijlof tree, then pounded, pounded, pounded into a paste which is spread out and dried.  The fijlof sap changes the acidity of the fiffiff and makes it store better.

boiled down and eaten like mashed potatoes.

cut into small slices and fried up with thit fat

In addition to the plants themselves, we have

rirt – bowl

rirtlof  – mixing bowl, a very large bowl.

git – stick

gitlof – the stick for mixing up the fiffiff root

hin – fat

siv – back, sivvin, back-fat


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