Impromptu Prompt Call

Hello!  Yesterday, in a bid to finish a time-limited quest in 4TheWords1, I asked for prompts on Mastodon2 and Twitter.

And then I posted the first bunch of stories on Ko-Fi as I wrote them.

These are those stories. (Dun-dunn3).

A Light in the Dark – The nights were long and dark and the days were cold and grey.

The Real World – “Stand and Present arms!”

The Two Kings – “There isn’t meant to be a thief king!”

D.F. Claudine Davenport & other authors – “I do have one question.  The fact that you credited your cat as a co-author.  Is this a nod to F. D. C. Willard?  If not-”

Atsidasauron Minimus – Every ship that went into space, every one since the first to leave the solar system, the Virginia of Sagadahoc, had one thing in common: they all carried at least two cats.


  1. – a writing game where writing words fights monsters – my referral code is ZUZXW97294 – your first month is free & if you use my code, both you & I get goodies & I can send you more!
  2.; – Mastodon is a twitter-like social media site with no ads.
  3. (law and order sound)

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