Scheduling Amusement

So I have scheduled the last posts of Hidden Mall and Bear Empire and much to my amusement, the last Hidden Mall will be 12/23 and the last Bear Empire will be 12/27  (this makes me want to write an epilogue-epilogue for Hidden Mall to post on 12/30 to completely end the year with ending these two stories).

I have a miniseries planned to fill Bear Empire’s slot for January and maybe February and I’m working on something that should fill the Hidden Mall slot but we’ll see how the responses are, but this is a good time to got through and find something you want to mark as “more please.”

Or, of course, to donate.  Lyns like commissions.

Cheers and happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Scheduling Amusement

  1. I will be very impressed if you manage to wrap Bear Empire by the end of the year without leaving a whole bunch of loose ends and unanswered questions for the readers to squark about. Unless you’re planning a sequel or something?

    More pleases include:
    Aunt Family open threads (Do you want specific suggestions?)
    The Portal Closed
    Things Unspoken open threads
    Dragons Next Door open threads
    Science! (Chickens, or other things)
    Fairy Town open threads
    Space Accountant
    Stranded open threads
    Kael’s Tower
    Desmond’s Climb

    • Well, I mean, it’s done. It’s written and scheduled.

      Yes, there are some loose ends, but this storyline IS done.

      re. Aunt Family – yes please specific.

      Actually any of those. Not sure any could be turned into a recurring sequel though.

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